What moms are saying about Baby Grace:




  • “I’m so happy that Baby Grace is part of my and my son’s life.”
  • “Thanks for providing me the opportunity of a lifetime by sending me to camp.”
  • “Baby Grace has done more for us than we ever expected.”
  • I grew up in church, I knew my bible verses, and my hymn. What I didn’t know was what God’s Grace really was. As a child of the church I knew God loved me. I knew my sins were forgiven. It wasn’t until I became pregnant as a teen, and the world turned against me did I really need that unconditional love of God that I had grown up hearing about. Those in my life who I went to church with, suddenly became distant. I became an outcast among many. I stopped going to church, and God was just a painful memory of lies. I had heard about Baby Grace and was hesitant to go because it was in a church. “They are just going to be a bunch of women who have grown up in the church, judging me, and fueling their own selfish egos.” I thought.   Reluctantly I chose to go. The moment I met [the Baby Grace team], they looked me in the eyes. They didn’t have that all too familiar judgment in their eyes that I had grown to know. They welcomed me, made me feel like a mother to be, rather than a statistic in the making. I walked away that day confused. These women were of the church, but they didn’t judge me… I continued to attend open houses, they lifted me up in my time of need. Slowly, I remembered that relationship I once had with God. The grace I received from God, the unconditional love. The Baby Grace team showed me unconditional love, grace, and uplifting. That was 9 years ago. Today I am thankful for the women who were not only women of the church, but true women of God.”