Buckner Staff

Anne Farmer


My name is Anne Farmer and I can’t imagine life without serving mothers in children though Baby Grace. I’ve been a part since the beginning and currently have no exit plan; I am trusting God to lead me where he wants me to go. Recently I’ve become the site director for Buckner Baby Grace. Please know my small team and I are working diligently to help. When I am not working on Baby Grace, I am either at school or with my family. I teach senior English and next school year (two sections) of Advanced Placement Literature at Fort Osage High School. I also teach evening developmental writing classes at Blue River Metropolitan Community College during the Fall and Spring semesters. God put me on a path to earn a doctorate in Education and in 2015, He saw that to completion. It is my fourth post-secondary degree. To God is the glory for those degrees and for my family. This July I will celebrate 24 years of marriage to Chris. We have two sons: Jack who will be a sophomore in high school and Sam who will be a junior at Northwest Missouri State University. Both of my sons have earned their Eagle Scout rank. I am incredibly proud to be their mom and I can’t believe my baby boys have grown so fast. I still see them as babies! As for my personal interests, I love to read (please read to your children – it is an indicator of success for every child), write poetry, and drink hot English Breakfast tea. I also love to lay in a hammock in the shade and listen to the birds sing and toads croak and reflect on all the blessings God has given me. Grace and peace to you all!

Jodi Borron

Ministry Team

My name is Jodi Borron. I enjoy working with Baby Grace because I enjoy helping others, babies are special, and I love the nurturing and God’s witnessing I receive from those that are involved with this ministry. The ladies that began this ministry are true examples of giving God’s love unconditionally. What I receive from them is amazing, and as God is always with us, the little blessings or Aha moments remind us that he is always present for us.

I work for a local utility company as a procurement (purchasing) representative. I have two daughters that also volunteer time at Baby Grace, two grandchildren, and a son-in-law that also has dedicated time to Baby Grace. In my spare time, I love to play with my grandkids, and spend time with my family. I am very fortunate to have loving daughters that enjoy hanging out with mom. I also enjoy time with friends as much as possible. I love sports and outdoor activities. I always thought as a career it would be fun to be Barney because he got to sing, laugh and play all day.

Rosie Farmer

Ministry Team

Works at Osage Trail Middle School and Home Depot

Mother of two dogs and three cats

Loves to crochet and knit; founded Humble Fingers Knitting Ladies

Cathy and Kayla Gross

Ministry Team

I am Cathy Gross and usually you see me when you’re checking in and getting your diaper paperwork. I have been helping with Baby Grace from almost the beginning. My favorite part of Baby Grace is getting to see and hold the babies! When I am not at Baby Grace, I work as an x-ray tech. I have been married for over 20 years to my high school sweetheart and we have 2 children, Kayla and Kyle, and 2 Boston Terriers. I spend most of my free time at my kids’ activities.

I am Kayla Gross and you can find me helping in several spots within Baby Grace or taking pictures at the events. I am a Fort Osage graduate and am currently attending college. My favorite part of Baby Grace is all the cute kids! In my spare time I like to spend time with my family and friends.

Joann Peck

Ministry Team

My name is Joann Peck. My home is about 220 miles from here in Eagle Rock, MO, but I’ve been living with and caring for my dad here in Buckner since October, 2013. I’ve worked as Administrative Assistant at Buckner United Methodist Church for nearly four years. That’s how I first became aware of Baby Grace.
My reason for serving with Baby Grace is simple: God told me to. He didn’t actually speak to me, but he brought to my attention various ways that my skills and talents could be used to help with this wonderful ministry. My career in Information Technology equipped me to develop a computer system that keeps records of the families we serve and the diapers we distribute. During Second Saturday events, you’ll usually see me at the check-in table; but most of my time is spent behind the scenes, entering data, producing reports, wrapping diapers, making upgrades to the system, and placing orders.
In my spare time I enjoy crafting, particularly painting and needlework. I’m looking forward to a new spare time activity, introduced to me by my sister from Arkansas–I’ll be painting rocks and placing them throughout town for kids (and adults) to hunt. Check out the Facebook page: #BucknerRocks!!!