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Happy Baby

Our Mission

To share love and grace by offering material, emotional support and development for families with young children.

Baby Grace strives to provide the:

  • Basic, free necessities for families with young children.

  • Resources available to them in their community.

  • Education and growth opportunities.

  • Camps for families to experience and connect with other families.

Partnerships and Sponsors


Just Between Friends – for providing us with unsold donated items from this mega consignment sale!

Our Story

Baby Grace started as an idea when Ann Farmer, a first year English Class teacher at Fort Osage High School, found out she had six pregnant students in her class.  Of those six only two returned to school after having their babies. By November 2006 there were 27 students at Fort Osage High that were either pregnant or already had children, not including those that had dropped out of school to care for their babies. Realizing the staggering need in their community, Anne Farmer along with Juli Yocum partnered with Buckner United Methodist Church to found Baby Grace on November 16, 2006, as an outreach for teen mothers in the Fort Osage School District. This ministry quickly grew to support young parents with children up to five years old across the state of Missouri.


Since 2006 the Baby Grace Ministry has served thousands of families with care packages, diapers, and have created distribution centers to provide new and gently used items for mothers and babies in its service. In addition, each summer, Baby Grace gives its families an opportunity to attend a specially designed church camp, providing scholarship opportunities so families can attend if they do not otherwise have the means to attend.


In 2016 Baby Grace Foundation was incorporated to provide secular oversight, outreach, and support to any location interested in starting a Baby Grace program in their community. Presently there are 19 Baby Grace locations across Missouri, and coming a potential site in Kansas. The information for these sites can be found in the Locations menu. Each Baby Grace location may operate differently based on the needs of their individual communities, but all programs share the same philosophy that “every child, regardless of the circumstances that brought them into the world, deserves unconditional love and grace".

Our Goals

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