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Turney/Lathrop Baby Grace


Turney United Methodist Church

200 Center St
Turney, MO 64493

(Center St is also Missouri Hwy H)


Mona French, 816-632-9049,

Betty Woodring, 816-213-2359,

Kathy Mydland, 816-835-5082,

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Where are Open Houses located?

The Baby Grace program in Turney is located at the Turney Methodist Church on North Ridge St and H Highway in Clinton County.

What does this location provide?

  • Free Diapers

  • Clothing

  • Baby Gear

Do I need to register for this location's Baby Grace?

Come to an event and sign in.

Are there qualifications I need to meet or paperwork I need to bring to participate?

No – our intent is to serve families that would realize a financial hardship if they were to purchase items we provide at Open House. We don’t ask for proof of your need.

When is this location open?

Second Saturday of each month from 9:30 am – 11:00 am January - November, December will be announced on Facebook.

Can I volunteer with Baby Grace?

Contact one of the coordinators or on FaceBook.

I have donations, where do I drop them off?

At the church during our Second Saturday event or during our regular scheduled workday on the first Saturday of the month. Times for both drop-offs are 9:30-11:00. Alternately, if these are not possible, phone one of the contacts to make arrangements.

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