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Liberty North Star Baby Grace


Liberty North Star United Methodist Church

11250 N Eastern Ave
Kansas City, MO 64156


Lisa Henderson 
Beth Whitton 


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Where are Open Houses located?

North Star United Methodist Church
11250 N Eastern Ave
Kansas City, Mo 64156

What does this location provide?

Gently used children’s clothing (up to size 5), books, strollers, toys, and more are available.  We attempt to provide each family with a small package of diapers, however cannot guarantee diapers will be available.  These events also provide time to connect with other young moms and Baby Grace volunteers. Only one adult per family is permitted in to the distribution center. 

Do I need to register for this location's Baby Grace?

No – previous registration is not required. You will be asked to sign in when you arrive at Open House.

Are there qualifications I need to meet or paperwork I need to bring to participate?

No – our intent is to serve families that would realize a financial hardship if they were to purchase items we provide at Open House. We don’t ask for proof of your need.

When is this location open?

Quarterly Open Houses 

Diaper distributions twice a month.  Check Facebook (North Star Baby Grace) for details.

I have donations, where do I drop them off?

If you have donations to drop off you can bring them to any of our open houses or contact us for more information.

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