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Buckner Baby Grace


Buckner United Methodist Church

109 S. Hudson Street

Buckner, MO 64016

How to Contact Us?

Anne Farmer 816-785-8209

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Where are Open Houses located?

The Baby Grace program in Buckner is located at the Buckner United Methodist Church, 109 S. Hudson. To participate in our program, you will need transportation to Buckner (we do not have delivery services).

What does this location provide?

Clothes/Books/Toys/More – We manage a distribution center where we accept donations of used mother/child items for children ages 0 – 5. Those donated items are made available to Baby Grace families for free at quarterly Open Houses. Because all items are donated, we can never guarantee availability of any item.  Items commonly found in the distribution center include clothes, books, toys, blankets.  You may also find high chairs, strollers, bouncy seats, pack-n-plays, swings, and other similar items.

Diapers – 50 diapers per child.   

MCPL Reading Rocket Entry to Mid-Continent Public Library provides free books at every Open House.

Baby Grace Camp – Held every summer, this church camp is designed specifically for Baby Grace families (moms and their children ages 4 and under, dads and their children age 5 and up, and families consisting of two adults with children of all ages).  Spots are limited, so applications are accepted in the spring and moms are selected based on their application and space availability.

Spiritual support – Prayer requests are accepted (and acted upon!). Pastoral support is also available upon request.

Do I need to register for this location's Baby Grace?

Quarterly Open House events do not require registration. Anyone in need can just arrive at our event and fill out a diaper request at the event. To help on the day of the event, diaper request forms will be posted on Facebook the week before the event which will save parents from filling out the form on the day of the event. 


Buckner Baby Grace Diaper Express does require online registration prior to the event. You can find the registration link on our Buckner Baby Grace Facebook page. This event offers free diapers and wipes. 


Diapers will not be distributed to pregnant moms. Diaper eligibility begins once the baby is born.

Are there qualifications I need to meet or paperwork I need to bring to participate?

No!  We don’t care how old you are, what city you live in, or what your family situation is.  If you have kids between the ages of 0 and 5 and need our help, then we want to help you!

When is this location open?

Hours are from 9:00 AM until 11:00 AM for Open Houses in March, June, September and December. 


In the months of January, February, April, May, July, August, October, and November, moms can preregister for the Buckner Baby Grace Diaper Express. Parents who register online in advance can pick up 50 free diapers on either the 2nd Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. or Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

I have donations, where do I drop them off?

Donations can only be dropped off by appointment. You can contact Anne Farmer at 816-785-8209

Option One

Donate your time. Please consider volunteering with Baby Grace staff to help mothers provide their children.  We need volunteers the second Saturday of every month. Please come to Buckner United Methodist Church, 109 S. Hudson, Buckner. We will put you to work doing administrative tasks, loading/unloading diapers, carrying donations, unloading donations, hanging and sorting clothes, or just offering a friendly smile. You may call in advance or just show up. Be sure to sign the volunteer log so we can help you track your volunteer hours.


Option Two

Donated items can be dropped off at the Diaper Express Events on the 2nd Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. or the 2nd Saturday from 10-12 p.m. or can be brought to our Open House event. Donate items that mothers can use to provide and educate their children. Please ask for a tax receipt upon your donation. Baby Grace accepts donations of the following:

  • clothes and shoes for preemies to size 5 for both boys and girls.

  • new and used toys in good working condition

  • books

  • bedding

  • high chairs, bouncy seats, gates, potty seats, pack-n-plays, strollers

  • Unexpired baby food and formula

We cannot accept donations of cribs or car seats. 

Option Three 

Donate a tax-deductible gift of money to help us provide services and necessary items for children.

Option Four

Donate diapers at any of our express events.

If you are a Methodist church, you may choose to donate to Baby Grace as an Advance Special of the United Methodist church. Just select Baby Grace as your designation.

Baby Grace relies on donations to operate.  Thank you!

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