What is Baby Grace?

Baby Grace is a ministry for families in or near poverty with children new born to 5 year.  Our philosophy is: “God Receives All Children Equally, and So Do We.”  St John’s & Trinity United Methodist Churches sponsor the Baby Grace Kansas City ministry with St. John’s introducing the program to the urban area of Kansas City in 2012 and Trinity joining them in 2021. Although each program in Missouri operates a bit differently, they share a philosophy: “Every child, regardless of the circumstances that brought them into the world, deserves unconditional love and grace.”

Why Diapers – Families who are part of government assistance programs cannot use funds from any of these programs to purchase disposable diapers. It might seem odd to thing that something as small as diapers can affect bigger things like education, job, and child welfare, but it’s true…with out diapers, parents cannot put their children in child-care programs that would allow the parents to attend school or to work. Having diapers is a benefit for the health of the child, and well being of the entire family.

Baby Grace began at the Buckner UMC in 2006 as an outreach for teen mothers in the Fort Osage School District. The ministry quickly grew to support any young parents with children, newborn to age five, in the greater metro area. The ministry has served thousands of children by supplying care packages, church camp scholarships and diapers. A distribution center provides free new and gently used mother/baby items for Baby Grace families, too.

 Where are you located?

The Baby Grace program in Kansas City is located at Trinity United Methodist Church, 620 E Armour Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64109.

What services does Baby Grace Kansas City/Trinity provide?

Diapers & Wipes – Baby Grace Kansas City distributes a free bundle of disposable diapers the 2nd Saturday of each month or the following Thursday to each qualifying child under 4 years of age.

Clothes/Books/Toys/More – We manage a distribution center where we accept donations of used mother/child items for children from birth to age five.  Those donated items are made available to Baby Grace families for free at quarterly Clothes Closets.  Because all items are donated, we can never guarantee availability of any item.  Items commonly found in the distribution center include clothes, books, toys, blankets.  You may also find high chairs, strollers, bouncy seats, pack-n-plays, swings, and other similar items. It is not necessary to receive diapers to use the Clothes Closet.

Referrals for Social Services & Parenting Tips

Baby Grace Camp – Held every summer, this church camp is designed specifically for Baby Grace families (moms and their children ages 4 and under, dads and their children age 5 and up, and families consisting of two adults with children of all ages).  Spots are limited, so applications are accepted in the spring and moms are selected based on their application and space availability.

Baby Grace Prayers – we offer a spiritual outreach of prayers and support upon request.

Are there qualifications to register for Baby Grace?

No!  We don’t care how old you are, what city you live in, or what your family situation is.  If you have kids between the ages of 0 and 5 and need help, then we want to help you!

How do I register for Baby Grace?

You can register once you arrive for a Clothes Closet event or Diaper Distribution Day.


The following 3 things are required to receive diapers from Baby Grace Kansas City:

1)ID for yourself

2)ID for your child that contains their name and date of birth (for example Medicaid card, shot record, passport, birth certificate)

3)One item for proof of financial eligibility (for example, a paystub or other proof of income, Medicaid card, SNAP/EBT card, WIC Folder, state benefit papers, homelessness letter.)

Emergency distribution will always be considered on a short-term basis of 3 months.

Please be sure to bring all of these to our January Diaper Distribution when we do our yearly re-enrollment.

When is Baby Grace Kansas City open?

We are open on the second Saturday of each month from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM for diaper distribution, as well as the following Thursday from 6:30 – 7:30 PM. In March, June, September and December, we open our clothes closet where families are able to receive clothing and baby and toddler care items, free of charge. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates on Open House Clothing Closets. https://www.facebook.com/babygracekc

I can’t come to a scheduled event event; can I come get clothes/diapers another time?

At this time we can only distribute during our regularly scheduled times. If there is a special need or request we will do our best to assist the family.

How can I volunteer with Baby Grace?

To volunteer to be part of this ministry please contact: Ruth Gerald, Missions Team Chairman at ragerald@netscape.net.

Volunteer Tasks

  • Fund Raising
  • Surveying the Kansas City urban area to see what other programs are available so we avoid duplicating efforts and to determine what classes to offer
  • Build New Baby Gift Bags
  • Collection of Items for the Baby Grace Shop – clothing, baby items, toys, etc.
  • Publicity for obtaining clients for Baby Grace
  • Publicity to the community – friends, other area churches, service organizations, businesses, stores and manufacturers to gain their participation
  • Volunteers for diaper hand-out – 2nd Saturday each month between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.
  • Volunteers to staff the Baby Grace Shop– 2nd Saturday every three months and to stock and set up the Shop during the previous week
  • Fellowship with the parents and children
  • Classes and get-togethers for the parents
  • Finding other support agencies and help for the young parents
  • Prayers for the parents and children

I have donations for Baby Grace. When can I drop them off?  

At St. John’s United Methodist Church, 6900 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO, from 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Donations can also be dropped off during our monthly events (on the second Saturday of each month between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM).  If those days and times don’t work, you can contact Ruth, the site director, at 847-650-1141 to make other arrangements.

We would like to have someone come speak to our group about Baby Grace.

We love to share the Baby Grace story!  We are happy to speak to your church, school or civic group about Baby Grace.  Just fill out the Contact US form, and a Baby Grace representative will be in touch.