What is Happy Bottoms?


How do I qualify for Happy Bottoms?


**Right now Buckner Baby Grace is the only Baby Grace in partnership with Happy Bottoms**

To qualify to receive 50 diapers or 30 pullups per child per month for three years courtesy of our partners at Happy Bottoms, you must:

  1. Live in Jackson, Clay, Platte or Cass counties in Missouri; Johnson or Wyandotte counties in Kansas
  2. Show us the child’s Medicaid card (that has child’s full name and DOB) OR the child’s birth certificate plus your WIC folder or EBT
  3. Please click here to access the new 2016 Happy Bottoms application (also available at a monthly event)

**2016 Diaper Policy effective January 1, 2016**

–Children that qualify* for Happy Bottoms will receive diapers for 3 years.

–Children that are HB-eligible but had reached their two year limit will be reinstated in January 2016 if they still qualify. They can receive up to 12 more months of HB diapers, or until the child turns 4, whichever comes first.

–Children 4 and over will not be eligible for Happy Bottoms.

–Parent or guardian must provide qualifying documentation.

–Once HB-qualified children reach their limit with Happy Bottoms (or the child turns 4), the family will be eligible for a one-time training package from Baby Grace. This package will include a potty chair, a book for the child, potty training tips for parents, and one package of pullups.

–In cooperation with Parents as Teachers, we will introduce a new Potty Training program. The first class will be held during our regular Second Saturday diaper distribution on January 9th, 2016.

–Diapers will not be distributed to pregnant moms. Diaper eligibility begins once the baby is born.

–If a child is not eligible for Happy Bottoms, Baby Grace will apply the same parameters to distributing diapers – up to 3 years total or until the child is 4 – but will continue to do so in a smaller quantity (25 diapers).

I have been receiving Happy Bottoms diapers from another partner agency.  Can I also pick up diapers from Baby Grace?

No, Happy Bottoms allows children to receive diapers from a single partner agency.  If you are already getting diapers from another agency, but would like to transfer your pickup location to Baby Grace, we can work with you to make those arrangements