Click on picture above to view video: Meet Joyce Wheeler who dropped out of High School when she became pregnant. She truly has found grace at Baby Grace. She shares how the ministry has been a huge help to her through the last 6 years during which time she has married, finished her GED and has three wonderful children.

What is Baby Grace?

Baby Grace is a ministry for families in need who are raising children between ages 0 and 5. Our philosophy is that God Receives All Children Equally, and so do we.  

Where are you located?

The Baby Grace program in Buckner is located at the Buckner United Methodist Church, 109 S. Hudson. To participate in our program, you will need transportation to Buckner (we do not have delivery services).

What services does Baby Grace Buckner provide?

Welcome bags – parents registering with Baby Grace for the first time receive a welcome bag.   

Clothes/Books/Toys/More – We manage a distribution center where we accept donations of used mother/child items for children ages 0 – 5. Those donated items are made available to Baby Grace families for free at quarterly Open Houses.    Because all items are donated, we can never guarantee availability of any item.  Items commonly found in the distribution center include clothes, books, toys, blankets.  You may also find high chairs, strollers, bouncy seats, pack-n-plays, swings, and other similar items.  

Diapers – 25 diapers per child.   

MCPL Reading Rocket Entry– At every open house.

Baby Grace Camp – Held every summer, this church camp is designed specifically for Baby Grace moms and their children ages 4 and under.  A second option, family camp, is open to Baby Grace families with two adults and children of all ages.  Spots are limited, so applications are accepted in the spring and families are selected based on their application and space availability.  

Baby Grace Scholarship – For Baby Grace parents pursuing post-secondary education, the Baby Grace scholarship offers financial assistance if you have been registered with us for at least one year.  Scholarships are awarded in early summer, applicable to fall tuition payments. You can apply right HERE!

Spiritual support – Prayer requests are accepted (and acted upon!) at every monthly event. Pastoral support is also available upon request.

Are there qualifications to register for Baby Grace?

No!  We don’t care how old you are, what city you live in, or what your family situation is.  If you have kids between the ages of 0 and 5 and need our help, then we want to help you!

How do I register for Baby Grace?

You can fill out an application at a monthly event, or print off application here and bring it with you.

Please read, familiarize yourself, print and sign this Parent Agreement 2019. You can sign a copy at Buckner Baby Grace events as well.

–In cooperation with Parents as Teachers, a Potty Training program provides age-appropriate children with a potty kit, including a potty chair, book, tips and a package of pull-ups, along with one-on-one parent coaching.

–Diapers will not be distributed to pregnant moms. Diaper eligibility begins once the baby is born.

When is Baby Grace Buckner open?

We are open on the second Saturday of each month.   Hours are from 9:00 AM until 12:00 noon for Open Houses in March, June, September and December.  Hours for all other months are 9:00 – 11:00 AM.

Baby Grace Express Line Procedures.

An Express Line Pass, also known as an Identification Card, will be issued to each person eligible to use the Express Line. It is that person’s responsibility to review the information on the card and to supply any needed corrections or changes via an Update Form. This should be done immediately upon receipt of the Express Line Pass, as well as each month when attending the Diaper Distribution. Legibility is critical.

Here’s the normal process to be followed after receiving the Express Line Pass.

  1. Bring your Express Line Pass with you each time you come to Baby Grace. If you don’t have it, you cannot go through the Express Line, but must go through the normal check-in line.
  2. Review information on the Express Line Pass, and fill out an Update Form if needed. Legibility is crucial.
  3. Enter the Express Line, rather than the other check-in line. When you get to the desk, present your Express Line Pass and your Update Form, if applicable, to the volunteer.
  4. The volunteer will verify that the handwriting is legible, put a check mark in the appropriate box on the check-in form, put the Update Form in a pile for later use, and mark your Express Line Pass to show that a new Express Line Pass should be ready for you the following month.
  5. Then the volunteer will locate your Diaper Request card. You will check the card to see if changes are needed to the type and size of diapers for each child receiving them. You’ll mark any necessary changes. Addition of children to this form must be made and initialed by the volunteer; addition of children eligible for Happy Bottoms diapers will require a new Happy Bottoms application be made for the child.
  6. Take your Diaper Request card to the diaper distribution center to receive your diaper order. There will be an Express Line at the diaper distribution center, so you won’t have to stand in a long line.
  7. Take your Express Line Pass home with you for future use.

During the quarterly Open House events, you’ll also receive your “Shopping Pass” at the Express Line check-in.

If you have suggestions for improvement of our express line process, feel free to share with the volunteer at the Express Check-in Line.

How can I volunteer with Baby Grace?

Baby Grace parents –  if you volunteer with Baby Grace for two hours, you earn early entry into that quarter’s Open House.  Keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements of Work Days when you are invited to come help and earn your volunteer hours (and that coveted early entry at Open House!).   

Everyone else – If you want to get involved as an individual, or have a group that is interested in helping, please complete the Contact Us form and a Baby Grace representative will contact  you.  

I have donations for Baby Grace.  When can I drop them off?  

Donations can be dropped off during our monthly events ( on the second Saturday of each month between 9:00 and 11:00 AM)

You can also call the church office at 650-5951 to set up a drop off time during church office hours.

We would like to have someone come speak to your group about Baby Grace.

We love to share the Baby Grace story!  We are happy to speak to your church, school or civic group about Baby Grace.  Just fill out the Contact Us form, and a Baby Grace representative will be in touch.

There are many ways to donate to Buckner Baby Grace.

Option One

Donate your time. Please consider volunteering with Baby Grace staff to help mothers provide their children.  We need volunteers the second Saturday of every month. Please come to Buckner United Methodist Church, 109 S. Hudson, Buckner. We will put you to work doing administrative tasks, loading/unloading diapers, carrying donations, unloading donations, hanging and sorting clothes, or just offering a friendly smile. You may call in advance or just show up. Be sure to sign the volunteer log so we can help you track your volunteer hours.

Option Two

Donate items that mothers can use to provide and educate their children. Please ask for a tax receipt upon your donation. Baby Grace accepts donations of the following;

clothes and shoes for preemies to size 5 for both boys and girls.

new and used toys in good working condition



high chairs, bouncy seats, gates, potty seats, pack-n-plays, strollers

Unexpired baby food and formula

We cannot accept donations of cribs or car seats.

Option Three

Donate a tax-deductible gift of money to help us provide services and necessary items for children. Mail your check to Baby Grace, c/o Juli Yocum, 109 S. Hudson Street, Buckner, MO 64016.

If you are a Methodist church, you may choose to donate to Baby Grace as an Advance Special of the United Methodist church. Just select Baby Grace as your designation.

Baby Grace relies on donations to operate. Click the button below to donate a tax-deductible monetary gift or visit the giving and support page to discover more ways to support Baby Grace! Thank you!