Baby Grace Camp offers three camps; our traditional camp for moms and their small children, a new offering for families with children of all ages and a retreat for our alumni campers.  Watch video below to learn more!

Baby Grace Camp is held every summer at Wilderness Camp, Lawson, Missouri.  Every year, Baby Grace Camp staff organize a three-day event in which mothers and babies come to spend a time of spiritual learning, fellowship and Christian retreat from the outside world, a world that does not always treat these mothers so kindly.  Many moms have stories to tell of their young lives full of heartache and mistrust in the world as well as their current struggles of raising young children. Time is spent  learning about the Christian message of love and grace while giving mothers time to share and learn from each other. During this camp, a nursery is provided,  manned with teenagers, grandma volunteers, nurses, and other willing helpers who love to rock and care for babies. Worship, prayer, “girl time”, crafts, nature walks, recreation, hayrides, and more are planned into the camp.

In 2017, the Baby Grace camping ministry added a Family Camp option so that Baby Grace families (defined by any two adults and children of all ages) can enjoy this spiritual development experience together.  During this camp, staff is available to support families as they participate in family-oriented activities including worship, crafts, nature hikes, hayrides, and more.

Since its inception, this camp has impacted many young families in a positive way. Many of the mothers are now married or in stable, healthy relationships. Many have finished high school and are attending college or technical classes. Most hold down jobs and many are now members of church families in their communities.  The strong relationships developed through Baby Grace Camp continue to be strengthened through activities after camp throughout the rest of the year. Backyard barbecues, picnics in parks, visits to Deanna Rose Farm, visits to the local pumpkin patch in the fall, craft days, and spa days are a few of the fun activities the moms themselves sometime organize. Watching the moms become leaders and learning to network and support each other has been an added joy for those who have helped lead this ministry.

In order to pay for this experience, the Baby Grace Camp organizers plan several fundraising activities throughout the year.

Fundraisers include a Trivia Night, a garage sale and other events throughout the year.

All money will go toward costs of Baby Grace Camp. If anyone has questions or would like to donate or help out with any of the mentioned events, please call Sarah Williams 816-682-8629, Jennifer Johnson 816-682-0161 or Jeannette and Dennis Hisek 816-516-3854 or 816-820-1543